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What You Need to Know About Huntersville, NC

If you have discovered the lovely and comfortable apartments at Holly Crest, you may be wondering if you’ve found your next new home. A closer look at all that Huntersville offers will make it clear that Holly Crest is the logical choice for your next apartment community.

Fun Facts About Huntersville

If you are discovering Huntersville for the first time, you are in good company. From 1990 until the present day, the population of the community has grown 16-fold! As more people discover the community, it continues to grow and expand to welcome new residents.

Huntersville is a relatively young community. The median age is just 34.8 years. This means that the people in Huntersville know how to have fun! They also like living close to work, with the average commute being just over 25 minutes.

One of the biggest benefits of the community is its diverse economy. While it is close to Charlotte, Huntersville has also attracted a number of well-known businesses that appreciate the employee base of the thriving community.

Interestingly, Huntersville is a community that has remained true to its historic roots, even with intense growth. Two historic homesteads still stand, and those who live in Huntersville are often found exploring the grounds. These areas also draw visitors to the region.

Life in Huntersville Is Never Boring

As you discover Huntersville for yourself, you will quickly find that it is a thriving community with plenty to see and do. Whether you love spending an afternoon strolling through a natural park or a shopping mall, you will find Huntersville accommodates you nicely.

The city boasts 24 parks and recreational facilities, an extensive greenway and trail system and, of course, the shoreline of Lake Normal for you to explore. When you are ready to do some shopping, head to Birkdale Village. Huntersville is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, so you can see tributes to your favorite racing legends.

Huntersville is truly a community that has it all. Rich history, excellent entertainment options and a growing population all combine to make it a great place to live. For those looking to make Huntersville their home, the community of Holly Crest is waiting to be discovered.

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