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Decorating Tips for Your New Apartment

As you move into your new apartment, the walls and open space can feel like an empty canvas, waiting for your personal touch. Yet as you start to decorate, you may find that it’s far too easy for the space to feel cluttered because of its small size. Here are some tips for those decorating new apartments in Huntersville to help make the most out of the space.

Use Every Empty Space

Does your apartment have a space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, or is there an empty corner you haven’t utilized? Use these spaces for storage with baskets, bins or corner shelves that are attractive and also useful.

Paint the Space

Most apartments will allow tenants to paint their space, as long as they are wiling to restore the original color when they move out, so don’t be afraid to put your own spin on the colors if you plan to be around for a while.

Store Vertically

Horizontal space is at a premium in most apartments. Instead, store your items vertically. Tall and narrow storage is going to make the most out of your space and allow you to utilize the headroom in your apartment.

Use Light Colors

As you decorate, choose lighter colors whenever possible. Light gray and other neutrals, with a splash of a more brilliant color mixed in, will make the space feel more open and larger. Choose three colors, two light colors and a darker accent, to bring interest and uniformity to the space.

Draw the Eye to Windows

Windows are an asset to an apartment space, so ditch the mini blinds and draw the eye to the windows with beautiful window coverings. Drapes that let in light but also provide privacy can be a key part of your apartment’s decor, and you can use them to draw attention where you want it – to your beautiful view.

Layer Your Decor

Rugs over carpeting, shadow boxes on walls and furniture covered in throw pillows will add layers of texture to the apartment, giving it a more personal feel. You will be surprised at how quickly layering can bring out the character of your space and your decorating style.

As you prepare to move in to your new apartment, take a little bit of time to plan your decor. With some work and creativity, you can quickly create a space that embraces your sense of style.

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