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Top Restaurants in Huntersville

Are you feeling hungry? Huntersville has an excellent dining scene just waiting for you to discover. Here are five of the top dining locations near Holly Crest Apartments.

  1. Duckworth’s

Winning multiple awards from Charlotte Magazine readers, Duckworth’s brings the classic taste of the Philly Cheesesteak to Huntersville. Add to this a beer bar with dozens, and at times hundreds, of beers on tap and you have a uniquely fun place to eat. The menu is, according to the owners, “non-pretentious,” but the food tastes great. This is the place to go if you want to sample unique beers without heading into the city.

  1. Mickey & Mooch

If you are craving steak, head to Mickey & Mooch. This Charlotte-based restaurant chain has won multiple culinary awards for its fine food, and it offers a casually elegant dining option without the high prices of an upscale eatery. The menu includes a tantalizing mix of steak, chicken and seafood, as well as a number of Italian dishes.

  1. The Melting Pot

Named the top casual dining restaurant in the United States, the Melting Pot gives you a full meal centered around the fun of fondue. Enjoy the popular four-course meal, which includes a cheese fondue, salad, entree and chocolate fondue dessert. This meal is as much about the fun of the dining experience as the food itself, but you won’t miss out with the tasty options it provides.

  1. House of Taipei

If Asian cuisine is what you are craving, head to House of Taipei, where traditional foods merge beautifully with fresh, modern ideas. Dine on classics like Low Mein or Egg Drop Soup while enjoying a more classic atmosphere than is found in most Chinese restaurants.

  1. Thai Emerald

If you are looking for a spicy international dining experience, Thai Emerald is your best bet. Choose your favorite curry or fried rice and enjoy the rich flavors of traditional Thai cuisine. Dine-in at lunch and enjoy a complementary soup with your meal!

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