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Space Saving Tips for Apartment Living

Apartment living comes with many perks. It can give you a chance to save up some money to eventually purchase a home, you don’t have to worry about all of the upkeep and maintenance tasks that come with home ownership, and it give you the freedom and flexibility to easily make a move if life takes you to another location or you simply want a change of scenery.

However, one detail that apartment living often lacks is space. Realistically, new apartments are just not quite as spacious as houses. Let’s look at a few space saving tips to make your apartment living a little bit easier.

  1. Get creative with your storage.

Since you do not have an attic or basement to store extra items and clothing, what are you supposed to do with all of your belongings? This is when it comes time to get creative with your storage in new apartments. Look for furniture that serves a dual purpose. Choose a trunk as your coffee table. Not only will this piece of furniture look great, but you can also store extra linens or clothing inside of it, and no one will ever know. You should also take advantage of the space underneath of your bed. Plastic containers can easily slide underneath to store shoes or other valuables. If your bed is a little too low, some bed risers should do the trick.

  1. Take advantage of your vertical space.

New apartments can only fit but so much furniture and storage boxes on the floor. Luckily, vertical space can be your secret weapon to comfortable living. With decorative shelves, colorful baskets and functional wall systems, you can store your mementos while also having them out on display.

  1. Let the light in.

While you may be tempted to install pretty curtains or divide your open spaces, this can make your apartment feel even smaller than it already is. Let as much natural light flow into the space as possible. Open shelving and wall partitions are a good option for creating privacy without blocking all of the light.

Just a few simple tricks can help your apartment home feel more organized and spacious.

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